Near the accommodation we recommend some restaurants:

De Burgemeester (1,4 km)
Adres: Kerkstraat 8, 2971 AL Bleskensgraaf
Contact: +31184693151,


Heeren van Slydregt (4,6 km)
Adres: Stationsplein 8, 3364 AM Sliedrecht
Contact: +31184444888,


De Krom (5,1 km)
Adres: Oosteinde 6, 2969 AS Oud-Alblas
Contact: +31184691282,


De Kat in de Wilg (7,4 km)
Adres: Peperstraat 28, 2969 AZ Oud-Alblas
Contact: +31184692770,


‘t Raadhuis van Goudriaan (7,8 km)
Adres: Smoutjesweg 3, 2977 AR Goudriaan
Contact: +31183846131,


De Limonadefabriek (11,1 km)
Adres: Nieuwe Haven 1, 2959 AT Streefkerk
Contact: +31184689335,


De Ouwe Meulen is situated in the center of The Netherlands. This gives you the opportunity to plan city trips to all points of the compass like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Delft, Leiden and Dordrecht. Also theme parks like De Efteling and multiple zoo’s could be traveled within an hour.

Biking and hiking in our area

We have multiple possibilities to bike in our area. The ‘ANWB’ has marked junctions all over The Netherlands. With the biking route planner you are able to make ánd ride your own route easily. Enjoy your trip through our Dutch countrysides or visit a city by bike.

Hiking is also very easy to do. De Ouwe Meulen is situated along the foreign pilgrim path; Traject LAW 7-1 (07) Groot-Ammers – Hardinxveld-Giessendam (at about 12km). The pilgrim path is a long distance hiking path of two episodes. The first episode you could hike from Amsterdam to ‘s-Hertogenbosch and has a distance of 199 kilometer. The second part has a total distance of 267 kilometer and you could hike from ‘s-Hertogenbosch to Wezet in Belgium. The path has been marked vide versa with white/red signs.

Enjoy the water!

At De Ouwe Meulen you are alowed to swim in the waters along the mill.. The pink flamingo (water bike) has been an amazing attraction for young ánd old guests. Try to bike along the canal and make fun!!

If you do not like the open waters of our area, we have some swimming pools within approximately 10 kilometers.

De Lockhorst
Distance 5 km (address Sportlaan 1, 3364 AT Sliedrecht)

Zwembad de Doetsekom

Distance 12 km (adres A.M.A. Van Langeraadweg 3, 3381 LB Giessenburg)

Would you like to plan a daytrip with a lot of fun?! Take a look at the website of Tikibad, Duinrell in Wassenaar.